Travis and Gladys: Criminal Geniuses

Living with Gladys and Travis is like having a couple of criminals around. No matter what the rescue tells me, I know that I was scammed. They knew that if they brought Gladys to me that I would not be able to give her back. She's just too cute and funny, and she looked and felt miserable. Now that I know how similar the two of them are, I am convinced that they have lived together, long term, and they did not acquire these similar habits by living short term at a foster's house.

Let me cite a few ways that they are a match:

  • They are both completely suspicious of strangers in the same exact way
  • They both love to play ball and they play ball in the same exact way
  • They have the same eating and drinking habits
  • They play together like old friends
  • They communicate with each other
  • They get upset at the same things
  • They like the same foods

And this is just a short list. After living with these two, first Travis and then Gladys, I can say with certainty that they are definitely related or somehow raised together. The rescue admits that they both come from the same big Texas town, and it seems that they both had been abused at some point. In fact, you can't doubt it about either one of them because they both suffer from doggie psychosis. They are both mentally and physically more healthy than they were, but they still struggle with paranoia. 

Of the two, Gladys is the funniest in a sort of feminine dark way. If she were human, Gladys would be an emotional wreck of a person. Travis typically lets her have her way, and I think she loves him for that. Well, what girl doesn't love getting her way?









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